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Master Dental solution Ltd

is a cosmetic & implant specialized dental lab in Vancouver, BC

Variety of Solutions

We provide our dentists various choices to the meet the professional & medical requirements and also patient’s opinion.
We offer high aesthetic layered all ceramic restoration for significant mouth reconstruction cases, however, for patients looking for more affordable restorations we suggest our alternatives from digital CAD/CAM technology, like full zirconia crown or layered zirconia crown from generic brand. Conventional restorations like PFM or FGC would be a good alternative for practical patients.

Consistency in Service Quality

We set up Standard Operating Procedure for each specific product and we don’t mind start from scratch if the work failed to meet the SOP. Our dedication to digital technologies and materials is also one of our efforts for consistent service quality.

Efforts for Improvements

We listen to customer’s opinion. We welcome any comments or suggestions to improve our products and services.

What does Master Dental Solution specialize in?

We are a specialist in Cosmetic and Implant dental restorations. We have a team of LVI and Dr. Carl Misch trained and certified technicians which provide easier communication for LVI smile design and challenging implant cases.

Why do dentists have to choose Master Dental Solution?

We give the solution to any kind of dental restoration cases from single unit crown to full mouth reconstruction. Case planning or personal consultation is welcome.

Many dentists have trouble in communicating with dental lab.
Does Master Dental Solution have any good idea for better communication?

We provide real-time case consulting and emergency trouble shooting through mobile communication by smartphone and tablet . Our clients send inquiries and related information like photos through phone texting , mobile e-mailing and we responds instantly thanks to the amazing mobile technologies, which are remarkably effective, clear and fast.

What kind of new technologies and materials does Master Dental Solution provide?

Digital CAD/CAM technology is the big issue in the dental industry and it is coming into our reality every day. New materials and new brand names in accordance with the new technologies are pouring out. We gladly take a risk in search of new technology and try it without any hesitation. We provide Procera, Lava, full zirconia crown, Nobel titanium bar overdenture, et cetera.